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Project: Web Hosting Blog

I just started work on a new project which in reality is a web hosting blog. The content of the project will be created by the blog owner and my work includes Search engine optimization of the blog including link … Continue reading

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Send Emails using ASP.NET

Sending Emails has always been an important function of any web based application. Many web applications use emails as the basic means of communication with its users. It is used to verify a users email id; so that the user … Continue reading

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Steganography on Images (project)

I am in the process of updating my blog with a detailed description of my projects so that people can know my programming expertise and hire me for programming jobs! I did this project sometime back in which i was … Continue reading

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How to start a blog?

I was dumbstruck when one of my friend asked me what is a blog and I wrote this article for him and the next obvious question was: hmm…that sounds interesting? How do I start a blog? Now, starting a blog … Continue reading

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What is a blog?

The other day i was chatting with one of my friends and I told him that one thing that has really hooked me on is my personal cum professional blog at and I thought he would say let me … Continue reading

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