One exam to go…

Its been a while since i last wrote a blog post; for the past 10 days or so, its just coming online, checking emails, reading the stats of my blog, checking my adsense account for my tech blog( which ofcourse doesnt make any money yet) and going offline. Now, I am not that much a blogger and you might have guessed until now that I am not that much of a good writer as well(I write programs better. Check here) but I do here and there squeeze some blog posts on this blog. So, what has kept me offline from this blog is the fact that my exams are going on and i need to give more time to my exams than my blog :(

The good news however is that I have only one paper left before i can sign off from K J Somaiya COE and engineering colleges for ever.

As you guys might have guessed from my earlier post that I will be going for my masters in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston. So, I thought this might be a good idea to post my analysis(  ;)    i can atleast try)  of my 3 years of engineering. Although people do say that engineering didn’t teach us much, i am sure if not about technology but it did teach me things about life that I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. So, in the next weeks to come starting from 5th of June, I will try and dig up stuff from my pensive( aka Albus dumbledore style) and  post things and  all the wonderful and not so wonderful experiences  of engineering.

Also, along with engineering, I have also gone through the process of applying to several US universities and finally getting admits from the universities to selecting the university to finally getting a visa to booking of tickets. So, I am also planning to post my experience of this process as well.

So, there is a lot to be written about and thats a difficult ask from someone who isn’t used to blogging and writing. Hence, please bear with me and encourage me(read: by the way of comments) and do check back for all these things that i have enthusiastically lined up!


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