Welcome to Pranav Bhat's Website

Welcome to pranavbhat.com.I am Pranav Bhat and I am a Masters student in Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston.I am a software developer, a blogger( well lets say wanna be blogger) and a technology enthusiast. I have worked as a freelance developer in the past developing web applications in ASP.NET and PHP and windows based desktop applications using C#.net and VB.net.

I have done some exciting projects as a freelance developer and at several courses during my Bachelors and Masters. Although every project is unique some of my most favourite projects include an encryption project called Steganography on Images and a "Google Picasa" style web application in ASP.NET. Another interesting project that I enjoyed was the implementation of hashing without the use of STL in C++ for the algorithms course.You can read about these projects and about many more projects on my Projects page!

I love reading and my google reader(thats what I use as my feed reader) boasts of subscriptions to techcrunch.com and problogger.net.Techcrunch keeps me updated about technology and Darren Rowse at problogger keeps me updated about the blogging world.I am also quite active on Twitter(@pranavbhat).So, you can follow me on twitter for my latest updates.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and you can read my story and everything about me on my About me page!.You can also checkout my blog where most of my posts are related to Technology and programming with some posts about my life put in!